Christmas Smocked Ornaments
Christmas Ball 2
Christmas Ball 7
Christmas Ball 3
Christmas Ball  Hearts
Christmas Ball  Bears
Christmas Ball  1
Christmas Ball  Tree
You to can enjoy Heirloom Smocked Christmas Ornaments even if you do not hand
smock. These beautiful Machine Smocked Balls can be enjoyed for years to come or
given as a gift. Each one can be made in less than an hour!

Instructions for Preparing Pleated Fabric for Ornament and all Applications

Designs are available in 6 x 10 and 5 x 7 hoop size. 5 x 7 will require re-hooping unless
you have a Mega hoop. They are for 2 1/2" and 3" foam balls.
You get the 8" and the 9" size.
Each ornament 10.00  or Buy the set of 10  for $60.00
Or buy 3 and get one me with your free

Complete 45 pictorial instructions sent with your order
Christmas Ball  Teddies
Christmas Ball  Snowmen
Christmas Ball  6B
Save Instructions to your Documents,
Reduce size and print.
Smocking Fabric Available
These panels are 45" x 7"poly/cotton broadcloth. They are  16 row, and used for all
hand and machine smocking.   White only.  
   Price $ 10.00 ea ......  
Prices include shipping
6 Pleated fabric    65.00....
Price   includes shipping ( USA Only)
3 Pleated smocking Panels
$35.00... Includes Shipping